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Our Story

Medgine (Meh-jean) Coutard, a devout mother of two, caregiver, and educator, founded Shea Medgine Body Butter. The body butter was actually a Mother's Day gift that her kindergarten class created in the classroom for their mothers. Medgine was continually coming up with fresh ideas to inspire her students' imaginations. Shea Medgine Body Butter was so well received by family, friends, and coworkers for its simple, nourishing ingredients and rich, creamy texture. Medgine had just gotten accepted into the DePaul School of Nursing. This was exciting for her because nursing was a field she always wanted to pursue. The thought of starting a business lingered, so we continued making body butter jars for friends and family mostly.

Months later we were shocked to find out that Medge was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Medgine and I were confident she would beat the cancer no matter how aggressive. She continued to strive in nursing school all while undergoing surgeries, treatments, being a great mother to our four year old son, and converting to a vegan lifestyle. While battling cancer, she realized that what we consume, what we put on our skin and even the air we breathe can effect our health in negative and positive ways.

We stopped eating certain foods, using certain products and cleaning agents, but we didn't have to stop using Medgine's body butter. The mixture of pure oils healed and hydrated our skin. Most importantly, it's free from cancer causing, pore clogging chemicals and toxins. Medge would also blend healing essential oils like frankincense with the body butter to get a more medicinal effect when moisturizing. Things were going well. Medgine was cancer free for months now, she was close to finishing the nursing program, and we were taking steps to grow our body butter business.

During a routine checkup Medgine got news that she was pregnant, but it was accompanied with crushing news that the cancer had resurfaced and metastasized. There was an uneasy feeling of joy and sadness simultaneously. As the months flew by, I stuck by Medgine's side as she experienced so much, all with a smile on her face. She is the strongest and bravest person I've known. After all the scientific and wholistic treatments and therapy, sadly Medgine passed away five months after our second child was born. Survived by her two young sons, David and Ramsey, I decided her name and legacy should live on. In homage to our beloved Medgine, I enhanced Shea Medgine Whipped Body Butter utilizing the same components and premium oils. It is only right to honor a goal that we set together for a great product, that we knew could help people and grow into something special.